Des Glynn


Des Glynn

Distinction’s / Qualifications (if Any)

In May 2015 I was awarded the Licentiateship of the Irish Photographic Federation (L.I.P.F.), I also hold a Advanced Diploma in Photography

Tell us a little about yourself: 

I live in Claregalway, Co. Galway. My passion is Wildlife, Nature and landscape Photography but I do enjoy trying all types of photography .

What was your First Camera:

Kodak, I Think?

How long have you been interested in Photography:

I always had interest in photography but it  was not until  about 2007 when i bought my first DSLR that my real passion for photography began

What does Photography mean to you:

For me Photography is a way of thinking, allows me to show people the world through my eyes, capturing moments of time can evoke and convey so many emotions, feelings, memories.

What Camera Gear do you use (Camera’s,Lenses,Tripods,Filters,…Etc):

I use the Canon 6D, canon7D, canon L series lenses, sigma art lenses, Lee & NISI fiters and a Giottio’s and Indro carbon fibre  tripod’s

Whats your favorite peice of camera gear and why?:

I would say my Tripod, it always with me

Among the Gadgets and Lenses that you own, is there anything that you wish you had not bought and why:

HI-Ti Sub Dye Photo Printer, Great prints but trying to keep dust from getting the prints was a nightmare

What tool’s do you use for Post Processing:

I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and NIK software

Whats your Favourite Image and why:

Difficult question to answer, I think the next image i like will become my favorite image

Who’s work has influenced you the most:

Difficult question to answer, there are many amazing photographers around the world and in Ireland whose work is very influencing. I admire the work of alot of  fantastic photographers who dedicate  their photography to help change and  improve our world that we live in.

Do you have a social media presence (Flickr,500px,Facrbook…etc):



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