Anne Frances-Nee


Anne Francis-Nee

Tell us a little about yourself: 

I’ve lived in Galway all my life, I work part-time in an office, which gives me a nice amount of free time to enjoy photography.

What was your First Camera:

Kodak Instamatic

How long have you been interested in Photography:

Since I 12 or 13 years old

What does Photography mean to you:

Photography brings together many of the things that I’m passionate about, it’s wonderful to capture moments/situations that are happening right in front of you or alternatively being able to set up a studio where you are controlling and creating the outcome.
I also really enjoy the post processing part, it is very satisfying to see what you can bring out in an image in terms of adding and blending colours and textures to create a certain atmosphere.

What Camera Gear do you use (Camera’s,Lenses,Tripods,Filters,…Etc):

Canon 6d camera
24-70 mm canon lens
100 mm macro canon lens
50 mm canon lens
Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 Carbon Fibre Tripod

Whats your favorite peice of camera gear and why?:

My 24-70 mm lens remains on my camera almost all the time, it’s a great lens although a bit on the heavy side.

Among the Gadgets and Lenses that you own, is there anything that you wish you had not bought and why:

No in general, I do quite a bit of research before purchasing, it pays off in the long run.

What tool’s do you use for Post Processing:

Lightroom Classic
Photoshop CC 
NIK Collection
Topaz Studio

Whats your Favourite Image and why:

It’s difficult to choose one image as I have so many favourites but one that stands out is an image which was taken about 16 years ago, I had just dropped in to visit my Mother and found her asleep in the armchair cradling my niece who was also fast asleep I luckily had my camera with me and was able to capture the moment, which I called 80 Winks.

Who’s work has influenced you the most:

There are quite a few photographers that I admire but Brooke Shaden’s photography really inspires me, I love how she’s able to create such emotive images, her work lingers with you.

Do you have a social media presence (Flickr,500px,Facrbook…etc):

Do you have a website:


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