Club Competitions 2020/21 and Rules

Photographer of the Year (POTY)

This Year’s P.O.T.Y . Competition will be over 6 themes, DIGITAL ENTRIES ONLY with 2 themes being judged on each  judging night by Guest Judge. Members can submit a max 2 Images per theme in either Colour or Black & White / Mono unless stated otherwise.

Themes for this year’s Photographer of the Year (POTY)

  1. OPEN COLOUR (Digital Entries Only)
  2. OPEN Black & White / Mono (Digital Entries Only)
  3. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Portraiture,People) (Digital Entries Only)
  4. OUR LAND (Landscape)(Digital Entries Only)
  5. WATER (From Puddles to Oceans) (Digital Entries Only)
  6. LIFE AROUND US (Macro insects, Plants, Domestic Animals and Wildlife (Digital Entries Only)

The Wild Atlantic Way Competition

This will be Annual competition where members can submit 2 mounted Images only (Colour or Mono) from anywhere along the Wild Atlantic Way ( Map of the W.A.Y. for Reference)  with judging at the end of each year


General Rules

  1. The General Rules apply to all competitions. All competitions are open to all fully paid-up members of the Solas Photography Club. Competitions are Photographer of the Year (POTY) and The Wild Atlantic Way
  2. All imagery MUST be the total and exclusive work of the submitting author not include any work  that was originated by or is the copyright of other photographers
  3. An image may be used only once in any of these competitions
  4. Images submitted for any competition must have been taken within the 18 months prior to the closing date of that competition.
  5. Mounted Prints must be either window mounted or on a backing board measuring  maximum 16″x20″ (41cm x 51cm). The maximum image size  16″x12 and″ The minimum image size  8″x10″ .
  6. The entrant is responsible for the collection of printed images from the competition secretary after Judging is Complete
  7. Entries will be treated with care, but no liability is accepted for loss or damage.
  8. Entries must have the Your Image title _Theme _Your Membership Number written clearly on the rear of the mount. Membership numbers will be available (for fully paid up members)
  9. There must be no identification, other than the membership number, of the photographer. This is to ensure impartiality
  10. Digital  Image entries filename must be in the following form:
    • Your Image title _Theme _Your Membership Number
  11. All digital entries entered in competitions should be submitted as JPEG files not exceeding 5MB.
  12. Mounted Entries should be submitted at designated Club Meeting to the competition secretary
  13. Digital entries should be submitted by the designated date to the email address Judging and results usually take place 2 weeks later
  14. Images will be awarded scores out of 20 points by the Judge on the night
  15. A copy of the rules will given to each judge
  16. The judge’s decision is final.