Omey Races 2018

We held a recent outing to the  2018 Omey Races which took place on Sunday 29 July on Omey Strand, Claddaghduff, a few miles from Clifden. Club members met up with some friends from Athlone camera club for great and fun day of photography. Here are just a few photos taken by members on the day. … [Read more…]

Anthony Demon AIPF, EFIAP Astro Photography.

On  Wednesday the 18th April we had guest speaker Anthony Demon AIPF, EFIAP from Athlone give  us a wonderful  presentation of his Astro Photography. Anthony spoke in great detail about the skills and techniques he uses to capture his fantastic images and he also had his “A” Distinction panel of images on display. A great … [Read more…]

Amateur Photographer APOY Competition

Well done to Sigita Playdon one of your talented members who was placed No. 15 in this round of Amateur Photographer APOY Competition, you can follow the competition on: #competition #apoy #amateurphotographer#sigitaplaydon